Manual Pneumatic Pump Series

The new MP Series Manual Pneumatic Pumps will handle most acids, caustics and solvents from a wide variety of containers. Your choice of polypropylene or Teflon* tubing, hand or foot operated for flows up to 5 gpm.

Available in polypropylene or Teflon* tubing, hand or foot operated for flows up to 5 gpm.

Product Code:Pump Type:Tube Material:Pump Body Material:Flow Rate:Use For:
MPP-HHand PumpPolypropylenePolypropylene2 GPMCommon Acids and Caustics
MPT-HHand PumpTeflonPolypropylene2 GPMAcids, Caustics and Solvents
MPP-FFoot PumpPolypropylenePolypropylene5 GPMCommon Acids and Caustics
MPT-FFoot PumpTeflonPolypropylene5 GPMAcids, Caustics and Solvents


Easy to install and operate. The MP Series tapered plug must fit air-tight in opening of container. For openeings larger than 2 inches, a taper adapter is slipped over the plug. Adapters are also recommended for 55-gallon drums and Delaware containers. If required, Hold Down Clamps are available. See information below.

Adapters: A, B, C, D (See below descriptions) 
Adapters: A, B, C, D (See below descriptions)

A) No. 468 Adapter for diameters to 2½” – 15-gallon drums and most polyethylene carboys.

B) Delaware Adapter used for Delaware containers with 2″ buttress thread.

C) No. 470 Adapter for 55-gallon drums with a 2″ I.P.S. opening.

D) Hold Down Clamp recommended for use with No. 470 or Delaware Adapter.